Aa Credit Agreement

This is important information that will help you understand our credit products. This information does not contain all the credit contract information you will enter into if you continue with an AA loan. You should carefully read this document and all the other information we provide to you so that you can decide if this product is correct for your needs and circumstances. A loan is a legal agreement between a client and a lender for the lender to lend the customer an agreed amount of money over an agreed term at a specific interest rate/APR. The loan agreement requires the customer to repay the loan through certain regular repayments to the lender. AA loans are unsecured loans. Unsecured loans are loans that are not protected against assets like your home. Under the terms of the loan agreement, you must repay the loan granted to you. We charge you interest on the loan you make as part of your personal loan agreement.

However, before applying for a loan, you should check your options to make sure that the loan you are considering is the right one for you. For example, compare interest rates between your current credit or credit card provider and your proposed AA loan and think about the length of the loans. You can repay all or part of the loan you have borrowed at any time. If you wish, you can contact us on 0345 266 0124. This is described in the loan agreement. If you make a partial refund, we will reduce the duration of your contract unless you request something else. All fees and fees related to your personal loan are set out in the advance information and loan contract form you will receive before you sign up for the credit. You should make sure you read it carefully and if you are not sure of anything, talk to us before signing the credit agreement. Credit applications can be rejected, regardless of the information held by credit and fraud prevention agencies, and if you have not been successful in applying for an AA loan, this does not mean that you will be denied credits elsewhere, as financial institutions make their decisions in different ways. Every time you apply for a loan, a footprint is created in your credit file.

While the credit application footprints themselves are not negative, it may be a cause for concern if you accumulate a lot of them over a short period of time. This is because an influx of very close credit applications may be a sign of fraud or indicate that you are having financial difficulties. Therefore, applications should be distributed as much as possible. If you simply compare the market and buy for the best offer, you should not submit your application until you have decided what is the best offer for you. At AA Car Finance, everyone can see if they can get money in minutes. Just give us some information, and we allow lenders to search for soft credit to see if they can make you a good offer. This has no influence on your credit rating. † The price you are offered depends on your personal circumstances, including your credit rating. AA Financial Services Limited (AAFS) acts as a credit intermediary and introduces customers to Bank of Ireland (UK) plc as the exclusive provider of credit. Credit quality assessment is an automated process that evaluates each application impartially and consistently, ensuring that all customers are treated fairly.