Toshiba Service Agreement

Tim Peeler, vice president, Service Business Unit for Toshiba, said the agreement would also benefit suppliers by reducing unnecessary system failure times and ensuring that devices operate safely and efficiently. A service contract is a 12-month contract to which a printer is entitled: Site: email: Phone: 800-468-6744 Toshiba does not contain general service under the service contract, because the contract is designed to work if the printer has a known error. The number of service calls a printer can have is unlimited as long as there is an error. At Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, we offer comprehensive support for our products. Some agreements also apply to these products. International Warranty Service (IWS) on-sale and self-service products allows customers to relocate IWS-compatible machines to obtain a warranty service. For each service call for which these terms and conditions are not met, this service must be fully charged, including a call fee, work and all parts used for repair. Toshiba Medicals PM Only Service Agreement provides routine preventative maintenance and maintenance of all imaging devices in accordance with manufacturer-defined specifications. A completed MP checklist for each diagnostic imaging system records all pm inspections so that health care providers can verify compliance with the CMS and/or TJC directive upon request. Health care providers who are unable to prove that they meet these specifications may be sanctioned, including reimbursement reductions.

To ensure that there are no flaws in maintenance coverage, Toshiba offers warranty maintenance services that provide support after the basic warranty. Maintenance after the warranty can be purchased either at the time of purchase of the product, or at any time during or after the expiry of the basic warranty. Global Services Portal – The integral for effective fleet management and reporting is Toshiba`s web-based global services portal. This site offers you a unique location to manage your fleet and receive 24-hour support services. Service – Toshiba`s authorized reseller network provides OMNIA partner participants with fast and reliable service and delivery to ensure our products meet or exceed your high expectations. Toshiba service technicians are certified to maintain and maintain their products, including station wagon/fix and warranty support. We will train end users in our installed products and solutions. To find your nearest authorized Servicing dealer, please send an email At the end of the service contract, we will contact you with a renewal offer.

If you have more than one printer under contract, you can check all printers if they should be included and remove all unnecessary printers. If you opt for an extension, the service contract will be renewed for a further 12 months. If you decide not to renew some or all printers, these printers can continue to be maintained, but they are fully recharged. If you want to start a service contract, the printer must be evaluated by a Toshiba technician to ensure that the printer is operational. This is called “Pre Contract Inspection” (PCI) and is included in the contract price, with the exception of all parties that may be required.