Worldventures Rep Agreement

The defined terms are listed below or can be defined separately in one of the documents included in the reference agreement. References to the singular include the plural and the masculine the feminine, wherever the context allows. 1. I understand that, as a representative of WorldVentures, I have the right to promote the sale of WorldVentures products and services in accordance with the agreement; b.I have the right to declare persons as a representative of worldventures and/or as clients; and if I do, I will comply with all current worldventures guidelines, including, but not only, policies and procedures relating to payment card processing information; Andc. I will train, motivate and support representatives of my downline marketing organization.2 I agree to present the WorldVentures Compensation Plan and WorldVentures products and services, as presented in the official worldVentures literature. I agree to keep accurate records and will not apply or practice deceptive, deceptive or unethical practices. I also agree to comply with all national, provincial and local laws and regulations that govern the sale or invitation to products and services marketed by WorldVentures, including, but not limited to all authorizations and licenses required by the agreement, and I understand that I am personally liable for any penalties and other costs resulting from my non-compliance.3 I agree that as a representative of WorldVentures, I am an independent contractor and not a WorldVentures employee, partner, legal representative or franchisee. I am not eligible and will not incur debts, expenses, commitments or collection accounts on behalf of, for or on behalf of WorldVentures. I agree that I am solely responsible for paying all the expenses I have incurred, including, but not only, travel, meals, housing, the secretariat, the office, the mobile phone and other expenses. I UNDERSTAND THAT I SHOULD NOT BE TREATED AS A WORLDVENTURES EMPLOYEE FOR TAX PURPOSES. WorldVentures is not responsible for withholding and will not withdraw or withdraw my bonuses and commissions, if any, or taxes of any kind. 4.

I have read carefully (or agree to read a representative activity) and agree to comply with these terms and conditions, worldventures rules and procedures and The WorldVentures compensation plan, which will be made available by WorldVentures on its website and are included in these terms and conditions and are part of these general terms and conditions (these documents are collectively called the agreement). I understand that I have to be in a good reputation, that is, I do not break the agreement in order to benefit from bonuses or commissions from WorldVentures. I understand that the agreement can be amended at the sole discretion of WorldVentures, and I agree that such a change will apply to me. Notification of changes can be published in official WorldVentures documents. Continuing my WorldVentures activity and/or accepting bonuses or commissions is my acceptance of all changes.