Zapier Data Processing Agreement

You can find out more about our RGPD and Zapier on, or email us at if you have any other questions. We`ll be happy to help! Zapier is not only a processor, it also acts as a controller. This means that we manage your personal data, the details of which are available in our terms of use. Zapier Internal Control has verified all the data we have collected, as well as the reasons for the collection, and Zapier employees have access to it. We have documented as much of this data as possible and shared it publicly. You see, for example.B. the enumeration of the data collected in Zapier`s processing office. Zapier also uses a variety of subprocessors. The most important services are known as Amazon Web Services (our host) or Stripe (our payment provider). We strive to minimize the amount of data that each subprocessor has access to (for example.B. due to the nature of our software, AWS processes all user data, but Stripe only processes a minimal set of billing data). We have made all the necessary data transfers and are working with subprocessors to maintain compliance. As data manager, Zapier is responsible for protecting the data of our partners` and customers` users while transiting through our system.

Today, we allow everyone to delete their account as well as any tasks in their task history that might contain personal information. By deleting your account, any personal data we may have collected will be deleted or made anonymous (except for the things we need to complete for other compliances, such as property to pay taxes, etc.). We also plan to offer more powerful tools next week to remove certain data from your account. As a data processor, we give you total control over your data to make the best data collection and storage decisions. Our services specifically aim to limit the collection of personal data by default, so that as a customer, you must explicitly activate functions that collect personal data. As a data manager, you are responsible for protecting your customers` data because they interact directly with the services embedded with Zapier. Yes! We now offer data processing agreements for organisations that use Cognito Forms to collect personal data on people in the UK, EU and California state. View an example of DPA. You can export and delete your data in Zapier in your data management settings. At Userback, we invest fully in the success of our customers and in protecting customer data. Your privacy is important to us, as transparent about how we collect, use and share your data. In our privacy policy, we include the information we collect, how to use and store that data, and how to access and control your data.

We also support the export of your task (whether we have opened, paid or not) to all users. And next week, we`re going to send a more comprehensive export tool that will cover all the data we`re tracking.