Direct Debit Service Agreement Requirements

Compliance with APCA guidelines is required by law to arrange withdrawals with your customers. If you need help setting up a GDR system or providing advice on your GDR form and GDR service contract, call LegalVision`s business lawyers on 1300 544 755 or fill out the form on this page. A GDR form and a service agreement in the GDR are required to automatically deduct payments from your customers` bank accounts. The documents will be: It is advisable to work closely with your sponsoring bank to ensure that your debit application form meets the requirements of the debit system. The service contract contains the terms and conditions under which you authorize Navigator Australia Limited to debit money from your account and the obligations arising from that agreement. You should read the service agreement carefully to ensure that you understand these terms and conditions. All questions about your collection system are directed to 132 652 Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. MESZ/AEDT. They must also participate in either the GDR form or the GDR service contract: payment terms must be included in the service contract.

Depending on the benefit provided, this may be a fixed amount collected at fixed intervals or at variable amounts depending on the bill. If you need more information about the levy or the withdrawal request, you can: The ATO is authorized by the Taxation Administration Act 1953 to request information on the debit application form. The GDR service contract is the document you must make available to your clients with the GDR form. It defines the terms and conditions under which you debit a customer`s bank account. nib reserves the right to cancel the debits if your financial institution refuses the debits and to arrange another payment method with you. Ensuring that your nominated account can accept debits BECS is the standard system used for most online and debit transactions, especially for transactions between companies and their customers or employees. The nib user number for this system is 000488. If you use a registered fee or a low agent, they can set up the levy on your behalf using online services for agents. Details of your collection agreement are included in your withdrawal request. Nib will use this data to process your payments until you tell us otherwise.

If you have any questions about your direct debit system or if you think a charge has been improperly made, please contact us immediately. Once a debit has been set up, you must keep proof of the authorization to debit the debit account. You can cancel the debit system by informing the bank and your customer can also cancel it through his bank. If you subscribe to a debit application plan, you allow us to deduct a certain amount from your Australian bank, credit bank or credit union account and transfer the amount to your account to the service.