Tutoring Services Agreement

DATE EFFECTIVITY – The agreement enters into force on March 1, 2018. The student is committed to helping the tutor identify areas where the student needs specific tutoring. Taxes are charged with a rate of (O For the tutor`s preparation period, there are no additional fees. a. 1. Blocking – My account is unlocked 1 week after the suspension date. b. 2. Blocking – My account is unlocked 1 month after the suspension date. c.

3. Blocking – My account is disabled and my online support agreement is automatically terminated. The goal of a successful support contract is to achieve the goals and meet the expectations of the learner and tutor. You will find the guidelines and legal distinction between the contractor and the staff as well as the contracts of more independent contractors on our Independent Contractors Models page and on our staff forms page, see our Contracts for Employment page. EXCLUS NONIVITY – I understand that this agreement is not exclusive and I am free to work for other employers while I do online English support services for Learntalk students. It is important to clarify your payment terms and rates for each tutoring service. How should your students pay: online, via PayPal or cash? Make sure you know if they pay lesson per lesson or for a full course. A course could be a 10 hour package that could include a 10% discount.

This way, your customers will know exactly what they have to pay if they agree to work with you and your service. Please provide details on the late cancellation. What happens if the student doesn`t cancel in time? Payment is made immediately after the closing of a support meeting. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement, and the parties waive the right to invoke so-called express or unspoken provisions that are not included in it. Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties. A very important aspect of the support contract for both parties is to clearly define the status of the guardian as an independent contractor responsible for his own tax returns and insurance. Today, more than ever, academic performance plays an indispensable role in deciding whether student students can qualify to attend their favorite school and pursue the university degrees of their dreams. As a result, private lessons have become increasingly popular as more and more students strive to improve their grades. Before signing up for our fall/spring support services, please read the following information: Any time lost due to the late arrival of the tutor will be compensated by the extension of a lesson by mutual agreement and by such a lost period.